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Hello and welcome to Nourish

Hello! I am Naomi May, a Registered Dietitian based in Windsor, UK. My day job is working for the NHS as a Community Dietitian and I also do freelance work writing for food companies, magazines and blogs, giving the latest evidence-based information and advice. I offer private consultations one-on-one over a cup of tea or coffee; or through instant messaging, or phone via Facetime/Zoom, so … Continue reading Hello and welcome to Nourish

How to be a better friend

Friendships are a treasure of life. Planning a dinner out with friends or a barbecue at the park (now that summer has finally decided to show up, not even fashionably late) gives you something to look forward to while you finish up work. All of my favourite memories involve going out with friends, or wild road trips, or movie nights or making things together. Friends … Continue reading How to be a better friend

Want to gain weight?

Gaining weight for some can be just as hard as losing weight for others. Being too underweight can have effects on how quickly you recover from illness, vitamin deficiencies, anaemia – which will make you feel very tired and have headaches and dizziness. You can also have hair loss, brittle nails and have bones that are thin or prone to fractures. It can also affect … Continue reading Want to gain weight?

What to Do When You’re Feeling Meh.

I’ve been wondering, what it is people need to feel fulfilled and happy and … alive. I just get this sense that a lot of people right now are feeling “meh”. Whether you’re dissatisfied with jobs that you do mainly for the money, while your talents go unused. Or if your life took a different path and you find yourself comparing with people you grew … Continue reading What to Do When You’re Feeling Meh.

Paleo Diet

Also known as caveman diet or Stone Age diet or hunter-gatherer diet. Paleo comes from the term paleolithic which means ancient. The idea of the paleo diet? ‘our modern day diets have contributed to modern day illnesses’, so we should go back to our caveman roots, where all we had to worry about were mammoths and making fires, not cancers, depression, heart disease and diabetes. In theory, our genes haven’t … Continue reading Paleo Diet

Do you think you’re beautiful?

Everybody is different, every smile, every eye colour, every shape of the nose. Even if you take parts from either parent, some parts are uniquely yours, and they way each feature blends together is a masterpiece. And yet, do you see yourself that way? Would you say that your face was a piece of art? Fashioned uniquely? Unconventionally beautiful? We’re told beauty is one thing. … Continue reading Do you think you’re beautiful?

How to be a great listener

Listen quietly. Absorb all sources of information and use insight. Take it all in. See every expression and gesture. Read the person, but let them speak, over letting your mind analyse. The more we watch and see and hear, the more we understand. We have got to come with a blank canvas; not preconceived notions or with walls up. We have got to stay open: … Continue reading How to be a great listener

Love your SELF this Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and we could all benefit from loving ourselves a little more. For some, that might mean having a bubble bath, or booking yourself in for a massage or to get your nails done. Self-love comes in many forms, but the radical kind of self-love, goes deeper and involves challenging that inner self-critic, noting what you’re grateful for, … Continue reading Love your SELF this Valentine’s